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King Bhumibol Adulyadej, December 2008

The Tragedy of King Bhumibol

I  • II • III • IV • V IV.  Tragedy, according to Aristotle’s famous definition 24 centuries ago, is the spectacle of a noble and admirable protagonist who drags himself and […]

Sarit and Phibun

“You cannot see Sarit because he is drunk”: PR problems for Thailand in 1954

A letter from British ambassador Berkeley Gage in November 1954 records growing unease about the disastrous public relations performance of Thailand’s ruling junta when dealing with the foreign media and […]

The accused

King Rama VIII death trial: Thai ambassador versus British magazine

[A Thai translation of this blog post by Thai E-news is here] A British Foreign Office report from August 1951 in the UK National Archives records a meeting with Suan Navarasth, […]

Vajiralongkorn, May 2010

Thai prince in trouble: 1980 incident in Britain

A British Airways letter in the National Archives in London recounts an embarrassing incident on February 9, 1980, when a bodyguard attempted to carry a gun onto the Concorde supersonic […]

Prince Dhani postage stamp

British cable on Prince Dhani, 1951

Here’s a confidential March 1951 cable from British chargé d’affaires Richard Whittington on Prince Dhani Niwat, an uncle of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was appointed regent after the death […]


King Ananda’s death: Remembering the “forgotten round”

Ananda Mahidol, the 20-year-old King Rama VIII of Siam, was killed on the morning of June 9, 1946, shot through the head in his bedroom in Bangkok’s riverside Grand Palace […]

Secret British file

Cables on the Thai regicide trial

On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 28, 1948, the most sensational trial in Thai history got under way. Three men — royal pages But Pathamasarin and Chit Singhaseni and former royal […]

Pridi Banomyong

Pridi Banomyong’s escape from Siam, November 1947

Before dawn on November 19, 1947, Siam’s Senior Statesman Pridi Banomyong arrived at the Bangkok residence of British naval attache Captain Stratford Hercules Dennis. Pridi was wearing a naval uniform and […]

Never-never land

In a never-never land, never mind

On March 24, 1950, King Bhumibol Adulyadej arrived back in Siam after an absence of almost four years. After the March 29 cremation of his elder brother King Ananda Mahidol, […]

Cover note of medical commission report

Medical committee report on the death of Rama VIII

  Thailand’s King Rama VIII, Ananda Mahidol, was shot through the head in his bedroom in Bangkok’s Grand Palace on June 9, 1946. An official communique released the same day […]